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Buy My Yoga Announces Festival of Yoga & Healthy Living Booth

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Guests will be able to peruse Baja Stretch and Yoga Queen products

JUNE 16, 2019 - Buy My Yoga will be among the vendors featured at the 4th Annual Festival of Yoga & Healthy Living in San Diego on June 23, 2019.

During this exciting event, guests will have numerous opportunities to learn about and practice healthy living through classes and seminars. For instance, the daylong schedule includes Yoga for Everyone, The Spirit of Ayurveda: Self Care is the Best Healthcare, Daily Cleansing Routine, Afternoon Meditation, Cooking 4 Life, and other seminars.

The stage will offer a full day of classes, meditations, and presentations focused on helping guests live healthy, abundant lives.

Buy My Yoga will be featured at booth #517 in the vendors’ section at the festival, where guests will be able to peruse high quality lifestyle products from the Baja Stretch and Yoga Queen brands. Some of these items will include premium yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga mat towels, resistance straps, and more.

For those attending the 4th Annual Festival of Yoga & Healthy Living, Buy My Yoga is excited to be bringing along a wide selection of items that can be used to accentuate any yoga routine or regimen. Guests who’ve forgotten items but who would like to participate in the day’s scheduled yoga or meditation can also get their needed items at the Buy My Yoga booth.

The 4th Annual Festival of Yoga & Healthy Living will be held at Waterfront Park at 1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego 92101. Registration will open up at 8 am, and the first session of the day will begin at 9 am.

Details about Buy My Yoga can be found at, and more information about the brands that will be available at the upcoming festival are available at and

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At Buy My Yoga, customers are offered a curated selection of yoga gear that’s stylish, affordable, and made with the height of quality in mind.


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